Do for Others

Across NSW, over 70,000 volunteer firefighters are on call 24/7; there for their neighbours, and standing tall in the face of fire, flood, and tragedy. They are ordinary people who do extraordinary things, much of it outside the summer fire season, and unknown to the broader population.

Make a statement. Make a difference.

Spend some time with these exemplars of the greater good in our country, and you can’t help but want to do your bit too.

So we thought, what if we created a way people can show what community means to them, and help instil the idea of community-giving in a meaningful, visible and positive way? 

This is not an ad campaign or yearly fundraising event.

It’s our way of activating the spirit of community to help make lives, and our part of the world better.

When you buy Spirit of Us gear or lifestyle products, you’re making a choice.

A choice that says: I believe in, and will actively support my community, helping make the lives of others, and our place in the world, better. 

Because doing some good, feels good

Support local businesses, and local communities.

Wherever we can, we’ll support local creators and manufacturers, sourcing clothing made in Australia using ethical practices; and fulfilling orders via an Independent Australian freight forwarding company.

The cost of using Australian made product may be higher, but the upside is giving a boost to local businesses; and employing locals.